Debt-Related Articles


Experts Predict Mortgage Rate Increase
This question was asked to industry experts:, "How high do you think mortgage interest rates will climb in 2006?"

Utah Credit Freeze Law Impacts Mortgage Brokers
Utah mortgage brokers are concerned about the new credit freeze law that just passed. Utah becomes the 1st state to introduce a law that will allow people to freeze their credit and still get access to it within 15 minutes.

ADHD haunts children into adulthood, study shows
Young adults who had ADHD are more likely than their peers to get fired, to shun birth control and become parents by age 21 and to have higher credit card debt and less savings, according to a 13-year study reported over the weekend.

Many people snarled in debt
Bob Barnett blames credit cards for his lack of credit.

Credit Scores Age Like Vintage Bordeaux
A new study by the credit reporting agency Experian examined the borrowing habits of six age groups -- from credit score conception (applying for your first loan) to closure (paying off your last debt).

Personal bankruptcies up 18%
New Chapter 7 filings increase before a law takes effect on Oct. 17 that makes "fresh starts" more difficult.

Bankruptcy law has many scurrying to turn over assets
With the nation's bankruptcy law set to become tougher for some consumers in October under changes made last spring, MetroWesters buried under bills are rushing to turn over their assets and have their debt forgiven now.

Bankruptcies in U.S. Surge to Record High
The number of bankruptcies in the United States surged to an all-time high in the second quarter of this year as financially troubled consumers scrambled to file before a rewrite of bankruptcy laws takes full effect.

Debt load makes Americans vulnerable to rising rates, foreign currency imbalances
Buy now, pay later: It's been the mantra of American consumers for decades.

America's love-hate affair with credit
As consumers' debt load has risen, so have credit card fees, delinquencies and bankruptcies.

Florida Legislature Considers Tighter Controls on Credit Counseling Industry
Credit counseling, once the domain of charitable nonprofits, has been enveloped in controversy in recent years as big business has come to dominate the landscape.

New Study Raises Questions About Credit Counseling
Despite all the money problems solved on all those television commercials, some credit counseling services don't always deliver, said Nancy Granovsky, Texas Cooperative Extension family economics specialist.

Retire that credit card debt
It's time to get rid of that credit card debt once and for all.

Striking a deal with a debt collector
A debt collector is calling and you finally have a little money to offer.

How debt negotiators can crush your credit
Beware of companies that promise to cut your bills in half by negotiating lower payoff amounts from creditors.

How a debt-management plan affects credit
Signing on for a debt-management plan may give you more breathing room in your monthly budget, but will it hurt your credit?

Credit card resolutions
There's nothing like the new year to kick-start new debt-busting habits. Act while your motivation is high -- this is the time to take action on debt.

Most not worried about dangers of credit card debt
About half of Americans with credit cards say they owe money on that plastic. But like a nation of Alfred E. Newmans, we've got a "What? Me Worry?'' attitude about debt.

Average American Owes $2,900 in Credit Card Debt
A new Gallup Poll shows that just over half of Americans have at least one credit card on which they do not pay off the full amount due each month, thus essentially using it for a short-term loan.

Credit-card debt increases among elderly Americans
People 65 and older have substantially higher credit-card debt than in prior years, on average, and more of them are declaring bankruptcy.

Got debt? Beware of counselors
If you are having trouble paying your bills, those TV appeals -- or similar ones in print and on the Internet -- can be enticing. But companies that promise rapid relief for debt woes may not be the best answer for people with credit problems, consumer groups warn.

Graduate with honors from student debt
I am a graduating college senior and I want to know what is the best way to tackle student loan and credit card debt.

More young adults balance huge debts
Numerous studies have shown that more and more young adults are starting out with huge debts.

Borrowing low; credit on rise
Americans borrowed less freely in February after ratcheting up new debt the month before, the Federal Reserve reported Wednesday.

Credit counselors scrutinized
Senate investigators have found consumers drowning in credit card debt increasingly are victimized by poor service, hidden charges and high fees charged by some credit counseling agencies that often leave them even deeper in debt.

Consider the Many Ways To Tap Into House's Value
For the past four years, average house prices across the country have jumped more than 7.5 percent, or more than three times the rate of inflation, according to federal housing statisticians.

AG: `Nonprofit' profited, not debtors
Attorney General Tom Reilly charged an Agawam-based nonprofit agency yesterday with illegally funneling millions it got from debt-strapped consumers to affiliated for-profit firms.

To consolidate student loans, you'd better run
If you have a student loan, there's a debate in Congress you should be following. On the legislative table is a proposal to change the interest rate on federal consolidated student loans from fixed to variable.

Consumers, keep control of that credit card debt
Here's an ominous statistic: The number of credit card holders who were seriously behind in their payments set a record in the final three months of 2003.

Homework for indebted becomes Chapter Eleven
Credit counselors wish more college students approached credit cautiously.

Raising financially savvy kids
When Charles Parten tells his clients that their family fortune can be destroyed in one generation if their children are not taught to be financially responsible, he speaks from experience.

Students using plastic in stores
I was shocked and a bit troubled by a recent Junior Achievement poll that showed 22 percent of Akron-area teens have credit cards.

Don't fall into the credit-card trap
The American Bankers Association said delinquencies - payments more than 30 days overdue - soared to 4.43 percent in the fourth quarter, up from the previous record of 4.09 percent set the quarter before.

Owe no! Scammers out to get debtors
They pose as charities dedicated to rescuing people drowning in debt, but more and more so-called credit counseling agencies are just rip-off outfits pushing costly and often unnecessary debt-consolidation plans, regulators and consumer advocates warn.

Supreme Court rules on credit card fees
The Supreme Court ruled in favor of banks and credit card companies Wednesday in a dispute over how credit companies must disclose fees for consumers who overrun their credit limits.

How to dispute a credit card purchase
Don't you just hate it when you buy a product and bring it home, only to discover the product is damaged or poorly made?

Consumers overcharged on credit card transactions
Why are credit cards giving consumers special trouble?

Fuel price increases bring high credit card balances
High prices at the pump aren't stopping folks without cash from filling their tanks. Police say gasoline thefts are on the rise, and consumer credit counselors say inflated gas prices are leading to higher balances on credit cards.

Finance: Spending the tax refund
The average federal tax refund, so far this year, is below what prognosticators were expecting, but it's still a hefty $2,090 per household. That's a nice chunk of change.