Consumer Credit Counseling

Secure Your Debt with a fixed rate debt consolidation loan that saves you money and helps you avoid hurting your credit with consumer credit counseling . If your debts are so large that you need continuing help, we may suggest that you enter a debt repayment program. In that case, we work with you to develop a realistic budget.

After helping you establish a balanced budget, we ask your creditors to accept smaller monthly payments to match your new budget. Creditors are still paid in full; it just takes a little longer.

You make deposits on a regular basis to the CCCS office. These funds are held in a trust account and distributed monthly to your creditors.

How to Overcome Credit Card Debt Roadblocks Having difficulty making credit card payments because the interest rates are rising? Learn a three-step technique to consolidate credit cards into a fixed rate loan.

  • Fixed Rate Refinancing
  • Cash Out 2nd Mortgages
  • Home Equity Loans

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