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Unless you work with an experienced credit repair company, it usually takes many years to rebuild and reestablish credit to the levels that creditors and lenders will begin approving your applications to borrow money. Consumers who completed a debt settlement agreement or recently had a bankruptcy discharged will likely need credit repair assistance if they plan on being approved for a credit card, car loan or mortgage any time soon.

Whether you rent or own a home, sometimes life obligations override credit obligations. Unexpected expenses and emergencies come up that prevent consumers from making their payments to creditors on time. When this happens, the credit scores as reported by Trans Union, Experian and Equifax are affected negatively. When credit scores drop below certain levels (700, 660, 600, 580, etc.), lenders and creditors are unlikely to approve you for a bill consolidation loan or mortgage.

Are your past credit problems preventing you from a credit card or low rate loan? Our credit repair specialist will help you improve your credit score quickly! We will work with your creditors to correct, delete and rectify any improper or incorrect late payment or delinquent comments reported by the credit bureaus.

Credit repair enables consumers to qualify for better rate loans for home buying, car purchasing or just opening up new credit lines. Secure Your Debt works with the most respected credit repair firms in the country so you will benefit from our added value services that include credit restoration, bill consolidation and debt settlement. Get connected to credit repair agents who offer competitive solutions with quick results.

You have too many things to do than to worry about your high monthly. Let us connect you with a lender who will show you the way to lower your high monthly payments in a way that you can afford. Your monthly payments can be affordable until they finally all disappear.

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The technology for credit repair has improved dramatically in recent year.

  • Raise Credit Scores
  • Rebuild Your Credit
  • Remove Paid Collections
  • Debt Consolidation Advice
  • Rectify Credit Reporting Errors
  • Correct Bankruptcy Discharged Account
  • Challenge late Payment Reports from Credit Card Companies
  • Remove Credit Counseling
  • Improve Bad Credit
  • Install Credit Alerts Preventing Fraud
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