Mortgage refinance rates are at an all-time low. While credit card interest rates are at peak levels. Refinance or settle any high rate debts while banks are negotiating!
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If you want to save money and get a lower mortgage rate applying for a debt consolidation loan is simple!! Just complete our Secure Online Approval Form.

Secure Your Debt can show you how to better utilize your financial resources as a homeowner.

Many of our clients have save thousands of dollars a year with our debt consolidation loans that freed up their cash flow so they could start saving money rather than giving it away in interest to the credit card companies.

Take a minute to speak with one of our loan associates so you can get started down that road to financial freedom.

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Secure Your Debt with debt consolidation loans, bad credit mortgages, 2nd mortgage refinancing and debt reduction from 600+ Bill Consolidation Companies and Lenders with 4 Loan Quotes in 30 Seconds.

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In 1998, a debt consolidation company, Secure Your Debt was created in an effort to provide consumers with superior debt loan solutions that eliminate debt with secure second mortgages and unsecured debt consolidation loans. We help people with all types of credit.  Secure Your Debt offers low rate debt loan solutions for consumers with good credit. Consumers with less than perfect credit can choose from credit card debt settlement or bad credit debt consolidation loans that reduce debt and interest.  Stop making excuses and consolidate debt.

Secure Your Debtís Refinancing and Settlement Services are FREE with NO OBLIGATION

Debt consolidation loans remain the most effective way for homeowners to reduce debt at a lower interest rate. Both homeowners and renters can find debt reduction solutions for lower monthly payments that can minimize your long-term debt burdens while increasing your monthly savings. Variable credit card interest rates have been rising, but mortgage rates are dropping and debt settlement alternatives, completely eliminate interest charges and late fees.

Do the Math and Consolidate Debt with Fixed Rate Loans or Settlement Services

Credit bureaus are finally looking at debt settlement fairly. Chapter 7 Bankruptcies continue to increase, but would your credit repair faster if you settled your credit card debt rather than discharge it in a BK? Credit experts agree that refinancing debt with traditional consolidation loans will improve your credit fastest. Whether you lost your job or saw the equity in your home disappear, qualifying for a consolidation or mortgage refinance is nearly impossible today. If you do not qualify for a bill consolidation loan or mortgage debt settlement may be the solution.

Secure Your Debt Consolidation Loans
Free Debt Loan Solutions and Refinancing Services with No Obligation.

We will help you find debt consolidation lenders to work with you locally for better interest rates and lower monthly payments.

National home lenders offer credit card consolidation with secure second mortgages for consolidating adjustable rate credit card debt with home refinancing options regardless of your credit history.

We will help homeowners locate the right refinance loan for lowering monthly payments with fixed rates that eliminate revolving debt.

In addition we also help renters and non-homeowners with debt settlement and credit card debt negotiation when affordability has become the issue causing your bills to be late and past due.

Consolidate Debts and Save!

We can help you find the right lender to develop a debt consolidation program for your unique needs. Homeowners have more options with refinance loans that provide the opportunity to remove the adjustable rate interest that has been raising your monthly payments and principal balances.


2nd Mortgage Ė Debt Consolidation Loans for Homeowners
Home Equity Loan Rates - Fixed Interest Rates for Debt Refinancing

2nd Mortgage Loan Rates - Consolidate your high-rate debt or refinance your home with a low fixed home mortgage interest rate.

Consolidate your mortgage and bills into one lower first mortgage payment! Deduct the interest with your tax returns and save even more!

Home Equity Loan Rates - Take advantage of record low rates with low minimum monthly payments. You can reuse the credit lines with line amounts up to 100% of the value of your home.

Add a Home Line of Credit to your financial arsenal and get a revolving account secured by your home.

Debt Settlement is helping consumers across the country eliminate their credit card debt and save money with debt negotiation and debt relief so you can get back on your feet. Take advantage of historic savings on your 2nd mortgage before the current low home mortgage loan rate and low home mortgage interest rate disappear!
Learn more about Secure Your and get free debt consolidation tips. Our goal is to help you lower your payments and save money. Pay off high interest bills and past due collections with a low rate bill consolidation loan. If your income has decreased significantly, consider a debt settlement plan.

Secure Your Debt can help you make revolving debts and high interest loans disappear. Refinance your debt and start saving with Secure Your Debtís bill consolidation loan programs designed for homeowners to reduce the interest they owe on the credit cards and revolving credit accounts.

Check out the low interest rates from Secure Your Debt and consolidate high rate loans.

  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Consolidate to One Low Monthly Payment

2nd Mortgage Lender - We can connect you with lenders who offer a fixed rate and fixed monthly payment on your second mortgage, with loan amounts up to $500,000 of your home's appraised value. Consolidate your bills into one low home mortgage loan rate payment!

Home Mortgage Refinance Lenders - Get help refinancing your home with a low fixed home mortgage interest rate, no matter how far upside-down your house may be.

Home Mortgage Loans and Bad Credit - Take advantage of record low rates with low minimum monthly payments. You can reuse the credit lines with line amounts up to 100% of the value of your home.

Secure Your Debt's services are FREE and there's NO OBLIGATION.

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